Welcome to the Friends of St Brendan’s

What is the Friends of St Brendan’s…. and why should I become involved?

The Parent and Friends Association is a nationwide charity, which raises funds for our schools. We have our very own branch of this charity, and all the money we raise goes to our school.

Of course, schools are already funded by government, but we all know that the little extras we can provide through the Friends of St Brendan’s help to make school life more enjoyable by organising fun events for all of the children to be part of. We organise events and fundraising so that staff can buy those things that make our children’s school experience outstanding!

So, what is involved in being a member of the Friends of St Brendan’s? Well, it actually requires very little commitment from individuals. We hold informal meetings, at the school (or via zoom if we can’t meet in person) once every term. We discuss ideas for events, how previous fundraising has gone, and how the money raised will be spent. For new parents it’s a fantastic opportunity to get to know other parents, make new friends, and get involved with your child’s school!

Even if you can’t make the meetings, don’t be afraid to offer the smallest bit of help! The committee isn’t huge, and very often manpower is over-stretched. Helping at a school disco; manning the tombola; or even giving up twenty minutes to help put out the tables for the summer fete. It may not seem much, but it makes a huge difference!

Please remember, the Friends of St Brendan’s isn’t about an individual, or a group; it’s for the benefit of all our children!

If you would like to attend the next meeting please ask at the school office for more details.